Jo Shapcott, due poesie da Della mutabilità e una nota di lettura

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14463668113859-shapcottJo Shapcott, Della mutabilità, (traduzione di Paola Splendore), Del Vecchio editore, 2015, € 15,00


Religion for Girls

Just now, we need as many as we can get.
Myself, I’d like an underground goddess
to supervise the tube, to watch the drains.
A god for airlines, one for dodgy builders
and one for children’s breath. But we’ve got this,
a temple filled with marble body parts:
the giant hand with which Mithras killed the bull;
Minerva’s head, her helmet lost, her wisdom
leaking out; a tiny Mercury too small to dash
between earth and paradise, stuck chatting here;
a local London genius for this and that;
an elderly god for the Thames, lying down;
a mother goddess, unnervingly, powerfully plump;
a god from Egypt for the underworld;
Bacchus for giving sparky life. And all,
all of these gods and bits of gods left here
to chew over the wandering…

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